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Sorry, that had to go somewhere, but, all of the images on this site are available for sale as original prints or cards made by myself using the latest archival digital printing techniques.

My standard print sizes are approximately 26x36cm mounted and matted on 40x50cm white or cream mounts.  This may vary slightly due to the aspect ratios of the different formats and cropping I have chosen.  The generous border is both for protection and is a size which I find pleasing.

All prints in this size are available for $250 (Australian) plus postage if needed.  I will sell loose prints printed on A3+ sized paper for $180 if requested or if postage does not allow matting.  It is easier to send a loose print but they are much more fragile until mounted.  Other sizes are available on request.  I guarantee my prints against damage - within reason!  If it is damaged in transit, your framer ruins it, cat pees on it, dog eats it or even if it falls off the wall in an earthquake, let me know and we can work something out.  I have only had one problem and I got my client to mail me back the damaged print, ripped up, and for the cost of the extra postage they got a replacement print. 
I look after my clients as you are my gallery.
To order simply contact me at davesum[at]chariot.net.au with your request. 
Payment can be made through PayPal or by direct bank transfer.

I also produce cards featuring my images to help promote this web site.  These are printed on fine art matt paper stock to the same image quality as my prints and are of the ‘make up your own message’ style (blank inside) with image on the front and name on the back.  The cards are $5 each with a minimum purchase of 4.  Each is C6 size (155mm x 110mm) and come with envelope and protective cover.  All images are available on request.

I am currently using Epson’s UltraChrome Pigmented inkset and depending on the image, Hahnemühle Photo Rag or Epson Premium Lustre Photo Paper.  These combinations have a projected lifespan (by Wilhelm Imaging Research) of approximately 100 years when displayed correctly.  Compare this to 29 years for Cibachrome, 12 years for Ektacolor PortraII and about 3 years for an ordinary poster under normal display conditions.  All prints are mounted and matted, non-destructively, on archival quality mount board.  I recommend that my prints be framed if they are to be displayed and I regret I cannot offer a framing service for mail ordered prints.

All of my prints are signed on at the bottom right of the print.  I also supply a small certificate for the back of the print detailing the title, date and printing process.  I don’t do limited edition prints as I believe the beauty of the process is the fact that multiples can be made.  I will however self limit to an extent by rotating and adding new images so I do not envisage selling editions of 100s of any one image.  I also sometimes re-visit my original raw files or scans.  As my experience and feelings change, so does my new interpretation of my image.  I used to do this when I printed in a darkroom so you may have a slightly different version of one of my images than someone else.  I believe this approach puts more of a ‘hands on’ feel to my prints and this was the one thing I missed about traditional darkroom print making.  I believe digital print making can become far too mechanical if one lets it.  The thought of 100 absolutely identical prints does not sit right with me – they might as well be batch processed as posters on a printing press.  I respect those who make a digital negative and only make 50 or so identical prints but I believe the nuances in my printing will be of much more interest to the future collector.


A note to the Framer – for people purchasing loose prints

This photograph is an archival Inkjet print on acid free paper, printed using archival quality pigment inks.  With care in mounting and framing it should last well over 100 years.

I suggest that it is non-destructively mounted on a suitable board then over matted with suitable acid free mount board. 
I use and recommend 3mm or 5mm thick Acid-Free Fome-Cor board for the mount, (http://www.gatorfoam.com/prod_fome-cor_acid_free.html) as it provides an added moisture barrier.  I suggest you do not use spray glues, adhesives or dry mounting tissue but instead use 4 acid free Mylar framers corners or museum quality acid free linen hinging tape applied to the top edge only. 

I recommend that the over matt be at least 60-90mm larger than the print with about a 10% larger width at the bottom to add weight to the composition (if not the print will appear to fall forward off of the wall).  I personally use one of the many shades of white or cream but final decision is the customer’s.  I also leave 5mm or so around the edges of the print and a little more than that at the bottom for the signature.  The over matt should also be attached with acid free linen hinging tape.

I don’t usually go to the trouble of using UV glass as I don’t think it warrants the extra expense unless the print is hung where it will be in direct sunlight for a considerable time.

My apologies if you know this already. 
David Summerhayes   M.Photog