Welcome to my place on the web and thanks to my many friends who have supported and encouraged me in this venture.

Good photographs are seen in the mind's eye before the shutter is tripped, but they are made in the post production whether it is on the computer or in the darkroom.  For it is in this final stage of photography that the creative vision is realized in a picture meant to be looked at, admired, and perhaps honored.  It has always been possible to compensate for out of the ordinary conditions during picture taking.  Too little light or too much, a scene that is too uniform in tone or too varied.  After all, the camera is just a mechanical device that can only record - it cannot see as such and a light meter can only see 50% grey.  Our eyes however are linked to a very sophisticated computer that can not only interpret, it can adjust its sensitivity to see detail in the brightest clouds, miles away and a millisecond later re-evaluate and make sense of a nearby dark shadow while we have scarcely noticed that our head has moved slightly. If a camera could record the differences in tone from the deepest shadows to the brightest highlights in an average sunny day scene, the resultant print would probably look so ‘flat’ we would think there was something wrong with it.  This is why post production is so important.  Its purpose is mainly to try to introduce some local contrast into the scene to simulate the process the eye does so well and to compensate for what the camera is not able to understand at the moment.  With the advent of digital photography and computers this is even more relevant.  It is also now possible to turn the influences of post production to purely imaginative ends, to alter a scene to suit the photographer's own esthetic intent (however far removed it is from the physical reality of the natural world), or to create a wholly new pattern of lights and darks that could never be found in reality.  The finished print is an end in itself.  In its most exalted form it must stand on its own as a true work of art.

The purpose of this web site is primarily to showcase my work to the world outside of my immediate locale but that is not the only reason.  I also hope it will become my way of communicating with people both within the professional photography world and anyone interested in photography generally.  I will be posting articles on some of the techniques I use.  Some I have developed myself and others I have picked up along the way and adapted to my needs from what other people do.  Please feel free to contact me if you have a question about any of the images or methods used that you see here.

I also have some inspirational quotes I have collected from other photographers that have helped me during darker times when the ideas were not flowing.  If my images don’t inspire you, don’t go, as the quotes certainly will – check them out!

All of the images you see here are available for sale.  If you know of my other images that you may have seen on exhibition or in publications somewhere and do not see them here please feel free to ask about them.  If you are an interested buyer please check out my orders page for more information about purchasing my archival prints.